Computing & Data Sciences at BU 

Sharing Knowledge without Sharing Data

Secure Multi-Party Computation in the Real World

BU SCOPE: Smart-city Cloud-based Open Platform and Ecosystem

The Massachusetts Open Cloud at the BU Hariri Institute for Computing

The Road Less Traveled: Perspective on Composable Verification

The Open Cloud eXchange

Residential Education meets Online Technology

Mechanism Design for Efficient Cloud Markets

In Clouds We Trust: Towards a Trustworthy Marketplace for Cloud Resources

Network and Cloud Resource Packing Games

Trade & Cap: Market-Based Management of Shared Bandwidth 

Mobility Coordination for Improved Ad-Hoc Routing and Field Coverage

Network and Cloud Resource Management Games

Tussles in Cyberspace

Panel on Cyber Terrorism and Warfare: The Emergent Threat

Cyber-Physical Systems: Challenges & Opportunities

Selfish Neighbor Selection: Thou Shalt Be A Selfish Overlay Neighbor

Computer Scientists: Architects of a New World

Type-disciplined, Scalable, Practical Composition of Networked Services

Friendly Virtual Machines

snBench: The Sensor Network Programming Workbench Architecture

Exploiting the Transients of Adaptation for RoQ Attacks on Internet Resources

Deconstructing the Current Models of Publications in Computer Science

Practical and Efficient Construction of Network Caricatures

Overview of the Sensorium Projects at Boston University  

OSMOSIS: Scalable Delivery of Real-Time Streaming Media in Ad-Hoc Overlays

Accelerating Internet Streaming Media Delivery using Network-Aware Partial Caching

Hierarchical Characterization of Live Streaming Media

Characterizing Reference Locality in the WWW  

OCEANS @ BU -- Taming the WWW: From Web Measurements to Web Protocol Design  

Speculative Dissemination and Service for Web Content Delivery (a.k.a. inventing CDNs)